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Driving Instructors Association- key supporters
The British Motorcyclists Federation - promoting and protecting the interests of the road rider
Motorcycle Action Group UK - campaigning for UK riders
Right to Ride Northern Ireland - Giving riders a voice - sensible support for Motorcyclists across the globe
Living Streets – Pedestrians Association UK - revitalising neighbourhoods - reconnecting people
Federation of European Pedestrians Associations - promoting safety for pedestrians across the EU
CTC the national cyclists' organisation - mission to make cycling enjoyable, safe and welcoming for all
France: Fédération Française des Motards en Colère  or Angry French Bikers!
Drivers Against Daytime Running Lights - USA
Spectrum Alliance - campaigning for people adversely affected by modern lights
Institute of Advanced Motorists - Driven by Safety
  Prof Heilig's Blog (German/Deutsch)
  Lighting terminology
 A simple explanation about Candle power foot-candles, Candela, Lux and Lumens
  Gwynedd Council - dangerous speed humps Jan 2015
  Gwynedd Council - dangerous speed humps Aug 2015
  Welsh Government Ken Skates - Caernarfon Bypass Dangerous Toucan Crossing Oct2016
    Pfleger and Heilig

BBC April 2011
Sangita Myska
The Lightmare

The Cabbies Guide to Motor Manners
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