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Our organisation has been formed to fight the growing road safety issue of blinding lights which diminish a driver's ability to perceive hazards. 

These prominent professors have declared that these lights are dangerous to the human eye:

Dr. Nisa M. Khan Ph D President IEM LED Lighting Technologies

Dr. Peter Veto PhD University of Ulm
John O'Hagen, Public Health England and CIE Let There be Light
Dr. Peter Heilig, University of Vienna (Expert Opinion)
Dr. W. Schober, University of Vienna (Expert Opinion)
John Marshall, University College London(Daily Mail)
Dr. David M. Kleinman University of Rochester New York (CBS)
Geoff Roberson, Association of Optometrists (BBC)

All the manufacturers can say is that "they meet the regulations". Surely from the thousands of complaints and increase in accidents since blinding lights were mandated by the EU, it proves the regulations are wrong.

Rather than saving lives, these lights are killing people - why are the authorities doing nothing? why are they permitting this to continue?
The Authorities are allowing this "Lightmare" to escalate, they are putting the most vulnerable and less conspicuous road users at risk - pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. 


HID-Xenon headlight + Blinding  LED Daytime Running Lights>

  # Oct 21 -  Light-emitting-diode induced retinal damage and its wavelength dependency
                     International Journal of Opthalmology
  # Sep 21 -  NEW GLOBAL PETITION Ban Blinding Headlights to Save Lives Softlights change.org
  # Sep 21 -  The Dangers of LED’s Dr P Veto (utube 10mins)
  # Sep 21 -  Intelligent headlights cause more glare, not less Dr P Veto (utube 5mins)
  # July 21 -  Let There be Light - John O'Hagen Public Health England - (DRL danger 22min point)
  # Jan 21 -  Reflections: Driving - P Heilig / R Milnes

Our aim is to persuade the world regulators (NHTSA and UNECE) to limit eye damaging light intensity from:-
   #  LED and High Intensity Discharge Xenon Headlamps - causes temporary blindness

   #  Misuse of brake and fog lights - contravention of highway codes

   #  Over-bright Daytime Running Lights (DRL)
- the EU have set maximum brightness to 1,200cd
    to compete with the sun - the Japanese proposed a more acceptable 200cd = bright sidelights

Manufacturers and Government appear not to care about the dangers of blinding lights.
In this website we explain why a driver's vision is affected by blinding lights.
We document the growing body of Expert ophthalmological opinionLegal opinion and  Media  coverage
See the thousands of comments on our original UK petition to March 2015 (Excel file with 4683 comments)

Supporting Organisations:-
Lightmare are worldwide a voluntary group of experienced motorists including scientists, engineers, mathematicians, lawyers and ophthalmologists supported by the leading pedestrian, cycling and motorcycling organisations who are committed to improving road safety by reducing glare and other distractions in the driving environment.
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  Professor W.Schober

BBC April 2011
Sangita Myska
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