The worst offenders...

A few examples are shown here - there isn't room to depict all we suffer from . . . .
Xenon headlights in daytime and night-time
Xenon headlight are an automotive version of the Metal Halide High Intensity Discharge (HID) arc lights used in commercial buildings.  Whilst they take measures to reduce eye-damaging UV they operate at the blue end of the electromagnetic spectrum and some UV escapes
Daytime Running Lights - High Brightness Light Emitting Diodes
operating in the eye-damaging near UV end of the light spectrum

The dazzling LED's used by Citroen and Audi cause many complaints
Foglights in good conditions
e three vehicles were recorded using illegal foglights in good conditions

See Fog Light Fury by Paul Maric of Car Advice

Police turn a "blind eye" to many light infringements
Misuse of rear foglights and keeping foot on the brakes
 - in contravention of the Highway Code
4 x 4's with high mounted headlights
What safety benefit is this Land Rover driver gaining?
Or this BMW X5 with HID-Xenon headlights in good daylight?
Illegal Xenon HID conversions - see this Auto Express video on illegal HID kits
- comment by Edmund King President of the AA Foundation, Mat Watson Features Editor concludes "non road legal HID kits could be putting road safety at risk"
The DfT state HID kits are illegal and will be an MOT failure unless headlamps have self levelling and washers and compliance with ECE regulations 48 and 98 - most do not!
    Pfleger and Heilig

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