Dangers for Pedestrians...

Lightmare are supported by the leading UK and EU pedestrian's associations:-
 Living Streets and Federation of European Pedestrians Association FEPA

A real concern to a pedestrian is loss of conspicuity caused by Daytime Running Lights as they reduce a driver's ability to perceive hazards correctly particularly if a driver's eyesight is de-sensitised after a day of driving against other vehicles with headlights ablaze.

It is accepted that low intensity vehicle lighting can help pedestrians to be aware of oncoming vehicles, but full power headlights or high brightness LED's are considered too glaring and disorienting.

Multiple vehicles in an urban environment create a sea of glare, inhibiting the ability of pedestrians to discriminate between vehicles and affect perception of distances.

Night time glare from over-bright bus headlights distracts oncoming driver's perception of the pedestrian

  A driver using foglights which are illegal in clear conditions - again masking the pedestrian
BUT .....

Why do some pedestrians have a death wish?

.... wearing dark clothing in the shade on the wrong side of the road!!
    Pfleger and Heilig

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