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We were formed to give concerned citizens a voice to address the escalating public health and safety problem caused by the rise of blinding headlights, daytime running lights and taillights by joining with the expertise and experience of Lightmare.org an organization that has been fighting this battle in the U.K. and European Union.
If you drive, walk, jog or bike the streets you have experienced this problem first hand: harsh, painful, blinding light from the new High Intensity Discharge (HID-BiXenon) and Light Emitting Diodes (LED) headlights.  br />
These technologies produce light that is up to three times more intense than standard halogen headlights and operate at the eye-damaging, blue-light end of the spectrum.

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These lights are an immediate threat to public safety & health and why they should be banned:

Are you tired of dangerous, blinding headlights causing you pain and frustration on the road? Please take a moment and sign our SignOn.org petition to the Congress of the United States asking that they protect drivers, pedestrians and cyclists from the health and safety hazards of blinding glare from newer HID and LED headlights, running lamps and tail lights. Since this issue literally effects everyone, we are confident we can gain the signatures we need to create real change, BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Please sign and then post this petition to your Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts.
1.  HID and LED lights cause pain and aggravation to onlookers.  Harsh, painful light creates an aggression that cannot be estimated by "traffic experts" resulting in increased accidents.
2. HID and LED lights are blinding.  Oncoming, blinding headlights can prevent drivers from seeing pedestrians at crosswalks. When coming from behind, HID and LED headlights blind drivers through their rear view and side-view mirrors making changing lanes dangerous.
3. HID and LED lights cause eye-damage.  These new lights are so intense and operate so close to the unsafe, blue-end of the light-spectrum that leading ophthalmologists are concerned that repeated exposure will lead to cataracts and other conditions.
4. HID and LED lights are a burden to vulnerable populations. Such as senior citizens whose eyes can take up to eight times as long to adjust after being blinded and to 11% of the population who suffer from migraines that can be triggered by bright light.
   LA Times -  Bicycle Deaths Soar      If you find this issue compelling - GET INVOLVED!    
  Lightmare USA is in its infancy and is looking for motivated people to spread the word and organize for change. Few issues effect everyone as equally and completely as the problem of blinding headlights. Almost everyone I have spoken with about this issue literally hates being blinded by these lights. All that is necessary is to circulate the petition to congress widely and garner enough signatures to force the regulations to change. We are open to all levels of participation and any ideas on how to progress.
Contact Donald at LightmareUSA@gmail.com
  Professor W.Schober

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